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Analysing and visualising data doesn't need to be exclusive to data scientists and statisticians.

We work in a world which we are surrounded by data in whatever volume or form. There is an opportunity for everyone to improve their data fluency and communicate vital information. Hung wants to help you achieve that.


About Us.

Let me help you with data analysis needs.

Ready to help professionals

Hung is an evaluator who enjoys using data to answer key questions about critical aspects around programs and interventions. Is constantly bewildered by data experts in developing solutions but playing a limited role in communicating the fundamental key insights gained from the data. He believes in data fluency for all that wish to learn.

Hung uses Tableau, Power BI and R to analyse your data. More importantly, however, to reveal what the data has to say to you.

2019 - Present Senior Manager, Operational Reporting and Analysis, Ambulance Victoria
2019 - Present Independent Consultant, Freelance
2015 - 2019 Psychology Research Affiliate, Psychology and Specialist Services, Monash Health
2017 - 2019 Performance Analytics Manager, Monash Business School, Monash University


The right tool for the right problem

Hung has used tools for developing dashboards and has extensive experience in using R for data analysis and reporting.

In short, he likes to use the following tools and is more interested in the right tool for your problem:
- Power BI for designing and developing dashboards - Tableau for designing and developing dashboards - R, R Markdown and R Shiny as a suite of tools for producing high quality reporting - SQL and Oracle SQL for data extraction



Our Team.

Hung has worked in different business sectors and wants to help those learn relevant skills in a professional capacity. His aim is to help you be more efficient with the technical side of your work.

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Hung Vo

Independent Consultant

An evaluator and senior manager who enjoys finding insights using data. Hung is particularly passionate about psychology and mental health..

Let's Create Something Together

Hung is keen to hear from you and about your needs when it comes to data analysis and data visualisation. Check out his portfolio and he can be contacted via email or message him on LinkedIn.

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